Travelwhere upgrades with new mapping tool

Travelwhere upgrades with new mapping tool

Travelwhere has enhanced its service to enable agents and consumers to search for and book flights online via Google maps.

The online brochure specialist has put its FlightMaps and ferries over Google to provide users with a visual tool of scheduled, budget and charter flights as well as their departure and destination airports.

The service is already offering 11 European and Mediterranean destinations with services from 31 UK airports.

Travelwhere founder Ian Champness believes the functionality is a first for a UK travel company and was a clear point of differentiation.

“Most web-based flight systems let you enter any outbound airport from the UK without validating whether any airlines actually fly on those routes. We only show valid routes on FlightMaps.”

He added that the FlightMaps tool would also help agents find routes and carriers quickly.

The plan is add a further 24 destinations to Flightmaps in the coming months as well as develop a white-label version of the service for retailers.

Any white-label could include a flight booking and fulfilment service following Travelwhere’s deal for Alternative Airlines to be its flight fulfilment partner.

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