Industry has failed on customer care – Cendant boss

Industry has failed on customer care – Cendant boss

Providing better levels of customer care will become increasingly more important for the online travel sector.

Mike Nelson, chief operating officer, Cendant Travel Distribution Services, International Markets, outlined yesterday at the Travolution Summit what to some could be a challenging new environment for the industry in the future.

Nelson told delegates that many of the Cendant-owned websites, which include Orbitz, Octopus and EBookers brands, have a customer care programme encouraging loyalty and interaction.

But Nelson claimed: “The industry hasn’t done as much work in these areas as it should have done.

“With Orbtitz’s TLC programme, customers are sent emails helping them prepare for their trip.

“They are told if their flights changed before the airline tells them; and they can check in online.”

Nelson also highlighted the importance of a clean, easy to navigate site, with the search box displayed prominently on the home page.’s TLC programme was launched in January 2006, with the catchline, “Don’t you deserve a little TLC when you travel?”

At the time, chief marketing officer Randy Wagner said the move was aimed at anticipating travellers’ wishes, giving them more control over their travel experience before they ask.

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