Meridiana-Eurofly customer service takes off with Zeus

Meridiana-Eurofly – Italy’s leading airlines and travel group – has signed a deal with Zeus Technology to improve online customer service.

The company is using Zeus’ ZXTM software across all its sites to stop downtime and deliver excellent online service, even when sites are busy.

The company approached Zeus after servers became overloaded with traffic when online promotions, designed to drive customers to its content-rich websites, were launched.

Deploying Zeus’ solution means Meridiana-Eurofly’s customers no longer experience downtime or interruptions to online service. The technology also provides customers with a reliable and secure online environment to make travel bookings.   

Zeus’ software solution was deployed across the company in under five hours.

Dino Zuin, chief information officer at Meridiana-Eurofly, said: “Maintaining brand presence online is crucial because of the highly competitive environment in which we operate.

“Downtime, even for one minute, can result in significant damage to our reputation and cause us to miss out on vital sales opportunities as customers go elsewhere to make their booking.

“As we look to roll out an increasing amount of interactive content to our sites, Zeus’ technology ensures we can deliver high performance to new and existing customers, even during busy periods.”   

Paul Brennan, chiev executive of Zeus Technology, said: “Our software allows Meridiana-Eurofly to visualize and manipulate the flow of traffic to their web-enabled applications in a robust yet cost-effective way.

“By intelligently managing web and network traffic, the solution ensures web booking applications are available and responsive at all times, making customers’ travel planning and booking a pleasure.”

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