Kayak begins display media scheme in the UK

Kayak has unveiled display advertising on its UK site enabling advertisers to target travellers through up to three placements on results pages.

The metasearch specialist has already signed British Airways as a launch partner and is believed to be close to sealing deals with a further two companies.

The display advertisements enable companies to target users with destination specific promotions within the relevant results pages.

Kayak managing director for Europe and Asia, Faisal Galaria, said US travellers had found the site more visually compelling when display ads were unveiled in the States last year.

“It also increases the click through rates on the sponsored links because it draws the eye over.”

He claimed Kayak was the first site to offer targeting at this level.

“If you’re BA you can show your ads next to flights to New York rather than just throwing inventory out there.”

Senior sales manager Gareth Walton said he hoped to see companies looking at integrated campaigns where they could feature in both organic spots and sponsored spots within the site.

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