Dealbase ready for UK push

Deals publishing specialist Dealbase is planning to launch UK content on the site this summer.

Sam Shank, chief executive of the US-based company said the ultimate goal was to offer all the best deals in the world and that the next logical place to expand was the UK, followed by Western Europe and Asia.

Dealbase has significantly ramped up its content in recent months and now offers some 20,000 deals across the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The plan is to introduce a currency converter alongside UK content to localise it for UK and European users.

Former-Sidestep executive Shank said: “If we’re going to do the work to aggregate the deals then we want to make sure everyone can use them.”

He added that he would be looking to form partnerships with local content providers.

“There are a number of deals we can find and aggregate on our own but we need to partner with others to get the full picture.”

Dealbase is also planning to enhance its site with a number of new features including a more precise timeline element within its deals analyser.

Shank said the analyser was the element of the site most well received because it breaks down the deals to their individual components so consumers can see the value of what they are getting.

“We’re happy to be transparent and sometimes it’s more convenient to book a package but we want to make that even more powerful and have date specific information. Right now we use an average price.”

There are also plans to let people edit the deals and strip out elements that are not relevant to them such as use of the fitness centre.

“If you’re the type of person that does not eat breakfast then you can knock that off and still see if the deal is worth it.”

Shanks said dealbase was different to competitors deals providers do not pay to be on the site and because all deals are displayed in a consistent way.

“It’s a great space to be in right now because hotels are offering tremendous value.”

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