Fastbooking unveils iPhone app and new engine

Today, FastBooking gave the hotel industry its first peek of the much anticipated FastBooking iPhone location-aware booking application, smoothly blending mobility with hotel commerce.

Hotels that already use FastBooking products for direct bookings on their hotel websites will seamlessly benefit from FastBooking’s mobile booking solution. General availability is currently estimated for early summer 2009.

At ITB Berlin, the company also took the wraps off of the following industry innovations;

With this new capability, FastBooking has launched the industry’s first comprehensive view of a hotel’s bookings, revenues and profits across all online channels including 3rd party distribution portals, GDS/IDS, and the hotel’s own website. Hoteliers can view revenue, and profitability, by channel using historical bookings data; revenue managers may also view future reservations – and associated booking costs – by channel, allowing them to proactively reallocate inventory to maximize their overall profitability.

FastBooking has improved the industry’s most popular booking software for hotel websites by updating the look of its guest booking interface.

When it comes to user interface design, FastBooking products lead the travel industry in customer satisfaction and ease of use for travellers booking on the Internet. A 2008 FastBooking survey of over 30,000 travellers gave the FastBooking Internet Booking Engine a 95% satisfaction rating on ease-of-use and simplicity.

For comparison, the National Quality Research Center at the University of Michigan recently published their quarterly customer satisfaction analysis, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), covering the Internet travel business sector. For customer satisfaction, Expedia achieved a score of 77, Travelocity was awarded a score of 75, Orbitz achieved a score of 74, and was awarded a customer satisfaction score of 72.

And according to more than 12 years of ACSI data, customer satisfaction is a leading indicator of a company’s financial performance. Since travellers who book online are 23% more satisfied with the FastBooking booking engine when compared to the best consumer satisfaction scores achieved by 3rd party travel portals, hoteliers who use FastBooking’s leading booking engine on their own websites can rest assured that they are maximizing their hotel’s online financial performance.

FastBooking has streamlined its popular Package Builder so that hotel guests may easily build their own custom packages consisting of hotel rooms, restaurant reservations, and spa services. This high level of personalization, driven by the guest, generates higher average spend per guest.

Monte Carlo SBM will launch this new capability on their hotel website later this month.

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