Joobili travel site secures funding from Esther Dyson

Joobili, a new travel experience site based in Europe, has secured a seed round of investment from one of the high profile backers of Dopplr, Flickr and Technorati.

The Budapest-based company launched the beta version of in January 2009 after securing an undisclosed sum from Esther Dyson, who has also supported Orbitz and Delicious in the past, and local start-up investor Hamu es Gyemant.

Joobili is the brainchild of two former-MBA students from the Central European University in Hungary, Jared Salter and Tamas Gabor.

The site is hoping to compete against travel brands such as Lonely Planet, Travelmuse, Tripadvisor, WAYN and WhatsOnWhen with a cross section of events listings and destination information.

Flight and hotel information is currently provided by links from Expedia/

The founders are hoping to attract major industry brands to its email promotion scheme and ad placements as well as provide content opportunities to listings and destination information from tourist boards and event organisers.

Salter is a former-Interbrand consultant for Ebay and Intel. Gabor is an-general manager at Goodyear and Conoco.

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