Hoseasons integrates entire portfolio across major online platforms

Hoseasons has become the first major UK self-catering operator to fully integrate its products across the major travel technology platforms.

The operator has now completed integration with Multicom, Micros Travel and Traveltek – giving agents access to a huge range of self-catering UK holidays for the first time – just as 2009 looks set to be a record year for UK tourism.

The move means that Hoseasons whole portfolio will be available for online agents to use for dynamic packaging.

“All travel agents are realising the potential of selling UK holidays in what will surely be a difficult year for the overseas product,” said Hoseasons head of sales, Zena Calderbank.

“UK product, especially in the self-catering field, has been largely conspicuous by its absence on these online platforms up until now, which is why as the country’s biggest operator, we have made the move to fully integrate our entire product portfolio across all of the major platforms.

“With domestic tourism enjoying a huge boost thanks to the uncertain economic climate and the weakness of the pound, the opportunity for agents to offer product from Hoseasons, which has the largest selection of UK self-catering accommodation of any operator, opens up a huge potential new market for agents.”

As well as its UK product, Hoseasons’ portfolio of more than 750 villas across Europe has also been integrated into the three major online platforms, allowing agents to dynamically package these holidays as well.

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