Thomas Cook appoints TagMan for advertising performance monitoring

Travel retailer Thomas Cook has hired ad tracking and container tag technology TagMan to better track the performance of its display, search and affiliate activity and accurately assess which channel delivered any sale.

It will also help it to launch a new approach to rewarding online marketing channels: first click – or view – wins.

The company, which chose TagMan after a complete review of available tag management systems, including DoubleClick’s Floodlight, will use the TagMan independent tag management system to accurately de-duplicate between its online ad channels so it can reward the right activity for converting customers and avoid paying more than once for the same sale.

The move will also allow it to track sales by the display executions a converting customer saw, rather than just those on which they clicked.

Dane Higgins, head of performance, optimisation and personalisation, e-commerce, at the Thomas Cook group, said: “TagMan was the most comprehensive solution in the market.”

As well as for de-duplication, Higgins intends to use TagMan’s system to be able to effectively reward ad channels that deliver sales on a first click or view basis. The vast majority of campaigns attribute commissions on sales to the channel and execution that delivered the final click from a converting customer, leading to disproportionate emphasis on final searches in a customer’s online journey, rather than ads that reach consumers when they are researching what to buy.

Paul Cook, former founder and chief executive of analytics firm RedEye, and founder of Positive Feedback, which has developed TagMan, said: “It’s fantastic that our technology is going to be used in such a progressive way and to solve the precise problems for which it was developed.

“TagMan aims to put tracking and site tagging – as well as the data these things deliver – back in the hands of clients and their agencies. Thomas Cook is an incredibly large and advanced online advertiser and we’re looking forward to helping it track all its online activity better.”

TagMan allows marketers to plug all their site tags into one system, including ad serving, site analytics, natural and paid search, and affiliates, so they can better understand the performance of their site and campaigns, de-duplicate commission payments, and more effectively add, edit and remove site tags.

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