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On 28th February 2009 leading online travel and leisure retailer, is showcasing a first in UK media buying.

Three 60 second advertising slots, bought by Manning Gottlieb OMD, will run in sequence on different channels to allow the new Thumbs Up (’s version of the Mexican wave) ad creative to have a knock-on ‘wave’ effect through ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

This pioneering advertising experience marks the launch of’s new brand platform – do more good stuff.  The basis of the creative is that helps people make the most of their free time with new and unexpected ideas for every single day; essentially encapsulating the very essence of the brand’s values.

At the core of the ad creative is the ‘thumbs up’ action, which flows between individuals, friends, families, couples and crowds all giving the thumbs to camera as we join them in the midst of enjoying all the good stuff has to offer. The Mexican wave inspired thumbs up compilation has a fresh and fun, all-be-it mesmerising effect as it goes from gigs and shows to rollercoaster rides and diving. 

Simon Thompson, European managing director at, said, ‘This media first emulates the essence of, the excitement at the heart of our experiences and our constant hunt for innovative, inspiring offerings.

“We know our customers enjoy new ideas so felt this interactive and action platform was the perfect way to assert our TV comeback. Effectively this is new form of digital marketing (generating a sequence of movement through TV channels) and gets the audience involved by changing channels to carry on the ‘wave’ of lovers enjoying their good stuff.”

Matthew Wigham, head of broadcast at Manning Gottlieb OMD, said: “Working with ITV, Channel 4 and Five, to deliver sequential advertising across all three stations; to align the ad breaks; and guarantee the non movement of spots, is unprecedented, and a huge feat for all involved.”

Good stuff is a long term vision and its aim is to elevate above its competitors.  The platform reasserts the brand as the facilitator of fun, excitement and will help to ensure the site offers fresh, cutting edge content that will really engage with the customer.

To get the public to play along we will advertise this unique media moment in commuter and weekend National press, informing them of what we’re up to, and most importantly how they must tune-in to witness and join in this one night only, 3-channel extravaganza,’ explained Sid McGrath, Planning Partner at’s advertising agency Karmarama

Newly appointed agency, Shine Communications will create integrated traditional and digital PR campaigns for the brand on a six figure annual budget, starting with the launch of a large scale piece of experiential activity launching end of February.

The campaign is part of major new through-the-line investment in that focuses on creating deeper consumer understanding of the brand and how helps people make the most of their free time with new, creative and unexpected ideas and experiences for every day.

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