Travel firms gaining from email promotion

A wide-ranging survey to understand how consumers behave when they receive email promotions from travel brands has indicated a strong desire to purchase from loyal customers.

The study of 1,500 consumers found that a massive 80% had purchased an air ticket as a result of receiving an email from a travel company.

A further 70% snapped up a hotel room, 60% booked car hire, 35% bought a package holiday and 20% opted for a cruise product.

Other key results included:

* 86% of respondents who opt to receive email from travel companies do so to learn about sales, discounts and special offers;

* 51% subscribe to learn about existing packages and destinations;

* 48% subscribe to receive coupons;

* 46% subscribe to hear about new packages, routes and destinations;

* 69% want to receive personalised content based on their website activity and past purchases, rather than generic content;

* 48% of respondents who receive permission-based email from a travel company said the email has a direct impact on offline purchases.

Brand loyalty has also benefited from strong email campaigns, the study found.

Over half (55%) said they have a more favourable opinion of companies as a direct result of communications. A similar number said they felt more loyal towards a company and their brands.

Ian Hitt, managing director of Epsilon International, which carried out the study, said: “Our research demonstrates the many online and offline, measurable and immeasurable benefits of email marketing campaigns.

“Those benefits start with direct online airline ticket and hotel reservation transactions and extend to brand loyalty in multiple channels.”

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