Laterooms experiences surge in five-star bookings

Figures published today indicate that consumers are visiting accommodation specialist websites such as and taking advantage of good value, high luxury deals, trading up while they can to enjoy the 5-star rooms at excellent rates.

Compared to January 2008, booking numbers for 5-star accommodation have risen by a staggering 99 per cent and 4-star rooms have seen bookings increase by 51 per cent.

New figures from, one of the UK’s leading accommodation websites, show that while Britain was entering a recession in January 2009, was enjoying a 39 per cent rise in bookings compared to the same time last year. has also enjoyed a 31 per cent booking growth in the final quarter of 2008 in comparison with the same period in 2007.

Coupled with the fact that visits to the website rose by over 17 per cent in the last six months of 2008, LateRooms’ figures suggest that a new generation of savvy travellers are taking advantage of the wealth of great deals available. 

Hotel relationships director Kathy Gwinnett said: “Getting value for money has rarely been as important in all aspects of life as it is now.  Holiday-makers and business travellers are increasingly searching for great deals when booking accommodation, hence the rapid growth of   With a great range of deals available across the board, including in the 5 star category, figures show that customers are certainly getting impressive value for money when it comes to accommodation.”

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