No large-scale staff cuts at TUI Travel

TUI Travel is keeping a tighter reign on staff recruitment but has no plans for wholesale redundancies.

The company recently announced plans to relocate its Coventry-based retail team of up to 30 staff in commercial, trading and marketing roles to its Luton head office.

Staff have been consulted on the issue and TUI Travel distribution director Nick Longman he was “encouraged” by how many staff have so far said they were prepared to work out of Luton. All are being offered positions in the head office.

But he said the news would not be followed by any further large-scale announcements on job cuts.

He said: “There are no plans for wholesale redundancies but what we have done is escalate the authorisation process to make sure we keep a tighter control on recruitment.”

He said there was no recruitment freeze in place currently, adding: “We will still recruit for key roles if we think they are added value or critical, and we are still advertising.”

As a result of integrating the jobs of regional sales managers across both the First Choice and Thomson brands two or three new jobs are being advertised for.

The existing 29 regional sales managers will work across both shop networks for the first time from March 1. Each will work across 25-30 Thomson and First Choice shops, but will cover a smaller geographical area than previously.

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