Hogg Robinson signs Premier Inn to universal platform

Budget hotel chain Premier Inn is among the latest suppliers to work with Hogg Robinson Group on its Universal Super Platform.

The travel management company unveiled details of the platform late last year at a technology seminar held in conjunction with Microsoft.

One of the aims of the platform, developed using open source architecture, is to try and bring some common standards to the business travel community.

HRG is planning its second technology session in May, where both technical and non-technical professionals will have the chance to participate.

Paul Saggar, HRG’s director of technology product development, said: “The aim of the event in October was to get things started and gauge interest from suppliers. Feedback was positive and everyone felt it was something that needed to happen.”

He added that there was too much duplication of effort in the sector in areas such as management information.

“We are all collecting in a slightly different way and different format so we want to publish something that we are happy to give away so that someone else can improve it and we all benefit.”

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