AdPrecision extends Express Newspapers deal

Express Group Newspapers has renewed its contract with advertising technology specialist, Adprecision.

Adprecision signed a two-year contract to provide contextual and vertical search technology for travel listings to Express Newspapers and its advertisers in May 2007.

The media group has been using Adprecision’s Adtarget system to serve Express travel classified advertisers onto Express websites.

Adtarget allows publishers to negotiate directly with Advertisers and serve their ads straight onto publisher sites.

Farzad Jamal, digital director at Express Newspapers, said: “It means we get a better quality of advertising and can control what goes in front of our consumers easily and appropriately; it also means we make decent page ad revenues”.

Adprecision’s commercial director Alasdair Cross said the technology enables publishers to control their own search and contextual advertising sales and take a slice of the UK’s £1.5 billion UK search budget.

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