Mantic Point targets operators with new mobile tool

Mobile technology specialist Mantic Point is looking to build relationships with experience and tours providers following the launch of its personalised information service for travellers.

Consumers subscribe to a package and receive a web link to their mobile phone to access information such as their itinerary, flight status and relevant destination information.

The service also enables suppliers to advertise within the personalised pages, which Mantic Point believes could be an opportunity for ancillary specialists to push their product.

Managing director Mike Atherton said the service complements its existing SMS offering and provides travellers with access to much richer information.

“As a traveller you want to pick up information in whatever form and not be in straight jacket. SMS has its limits and if you want more you have move into the richer media space.”

The company has partnered with Frommers Unlimited for the destination information on the service.

Atherton also said that airlines and operators were now recognising the benefits of continuing to communicate with customers along the journey.

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