Google slams click fraud study

Major search engines have dismissed a report claiming 17% of pay-per-click clicks are fraudulent.

The study, from Click Forensics, claimed that nearly one in five clicks on CPC ads were fraudulent in the final quarter of last year.
Google attacked the research as ‘inflated’ in press reports while another major search giant said it was also sceptical about this type of research.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Yahoo declined to comment on the report itself but said: “We make sure our advertisers get quality traffic through dedicated resources who evaluate what is happening and a click through protection system, which we believe is one of the most stringent in the industry.”

She added that the company had worked on the CTP system for a number of years and was always open to feedback from advertisers to get to the route of the problem.

The Click Forensics research claimed that click fraud rate in Q4 2008 on PPC ads on the major search engines content networks was 28.2% – slightly up on the previous quarter.

* Click Fraud Report

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