launches talking iPhone phrasebook announced today the launch of a new, free talking phrasebook for 2009 for iPhone and iPod Touch users in the UK.

Developed by Coolgorilla, the phrasebook is available in six different language versions: French, German, Greek, Italian Portuguese and Spanish, and can be downloaded by visiting Apple’s App Store.

Despite the credit crunch the British public are still jetting off to Europe for skiing trips, summer holidays, weekend breaks or adventure packages.

Now is helping consumers to make the best of their breaks and holiday costs by providing the phrasebook completely free. With the phrasebooks now available on iPhone and iPod Touch, they will be even easier to carry, always available and much more interactive.

Using the talking phrasebook consumers can ask for directions, hire a car and even engage in small talk. Each one contains over 500 sound files covering all elements of the holiday experience including Eating, Travel and even Flirting.

Searching through a printed phrasebook, or struggling with embarrassing pronunciation, is now a thing of the past. The intuitive application allows consumers to search quickly and simply for a phrase in English and press ‘select’, their iPhone then pronounces the phrase in the foreign language with a real, native accent. The text translation is also provided on the screen. 

“These new talking phrasebooks will help people to get even more out of their holidays and breaks,” said sales director Andy Washington. “With these great applications, UK consumers avoid having to carry around heavy, paper versions. The talking phrasebooks on the iPhone are easy to use, convenient and most of all free.” allows you to travel the globe like a jetsetter, sightseer or seafarer. Or, career down a mountain-side on skis, a snowboard, or in a perspex ball. The new talking phrasebooks reflect this by having an increased list of activity based words and phrases, so now you can ask to go skydiving in Spain, or on a helicopter ride in Portugal. The phrasebooks also include localised options such as playing boules in France, or visiting a Greek ampitheatre.

The talking phrasebooks also feature a new search functionality. Users can now search for all phrases quickly and easily, so holiday makers do not waste any of their precious time.

“We’ve worked hard to make these phrasebooks simple and easy for consumers to use. And with’s sponsorship, we can offer them free to UK customers, so that they can enjoy their holiday even more,” said Roy Forsdick, managing director of Coolgorilla.

“As well as the new search functionality and increased vocabulary, we’ve created new landing pages that allow to offer additional, local deals to people. This provides a very rich and interactive way to reach holidaymakers with targeted and relevant offers, while they are on their holiday.”

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