Credit crunched Britons choose UK as top destination – survey

According to the latest consumer insight from Continental Research, the UK looks set to be the most popular destination choice for the main holiday for Britons this year.

The research shows that respondents aged 20-54 chose the UK as their top destination for their main holiday this year, but 55-74 year olds buck the trend, with a quarter choosing Spain as their top holiday destination.

Almost half (48%) of survey respondents said that despite the recession, they probably would not be changing their holiday plans. Of the third (34%) who said they would be changing their holiday plans because of the economic downturn, most will be reducing their holiday budget and/or looking for last minute bargains. 27% said they would be holidaying in the UK rather than going abroad for their main holiday. (See Chart 2)

The research also reveals how the Internet has influenced the holiday plans of Britons. 44% of all respondents said the Internet had made them more adventurous in their choice of holiday – but at 39% women are still less adventurous than men at 48%.
The internet has empowered everyone, from giving older consumers more confidence to make their own travel arrangements to giving 20-34 year olds more opportunity to make late bookings.

Nearly one in three (28%) said they travel more regularly because of the web – from 33% of 20-34 year olds to 20% of 55-74 year olds. 

Colin Shaddick, director at Continental Research and author of the report, said: “There is no doubt the internet has had a dramatic impact on the way we plan travel and where we choose to go. Travellers of every age are using the web to research and book travel and to look for bargains and say they have become more adventurous as a result of the choices offered to them online.

Despite that, it looks like the current economic climate will have one positive impact at least and that’s on the UK travel industry, with a considerable number of Brits planning to holiday in the UK in 2009.”

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