Leger Holidays relaunches website

Leger Holidays has used eye-tracking technology to revamp its consumer website and create a more intuitive booking process.

The coach tour specialist has used behaviour research specialists Bunnyfoot to redesign legerbreaks.info by monitoring eye movements of consumers in focus group tests to find the most looked at areas on the site and those viewed least.

The research has led to more than 70 improvement areas on the site. As well as changes to the look of the site, the tour operator has invested in making the site easier to use and in search engine optimisation.

Changes include more targeted search facilities for information on the tour operator’s products, additional destination information for tours that is not featured in the operator’s brochures, and help boxes for consumers to use during the booking process and on general pages.

E-commerce manager Michael Rhodes said: “The new site will make the Leger experience much easier for the consumers providing a fresh, clean look, along with more content and a more intuitive booking process.”

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