There is hope for the travel industry in this seemingly crazy world

Can someone please explain to me what is going on in the world?

The UK government is planning fresh bail-out packages for the banks that will take the total spend beyond the £1 trillion mark, RBS has announced losses equivalent to the GDP of Croatia and the world’s richest nation, the US, and much of the changing world, is in a state of complete turmoil. Barack Obama has a lot on his plate.

With all this carry on I can understand why the UK economy is in a downward spiral, why business confidence levels have hit rock bottom and why the future is looking far from rosy.

However, there is a ray of hope for the UK travel sector. Whilst contemplating the state of the world, reading the Sunday travel sections, I came across a gem of information that restored my faith.

I quote: “The great British public would rather not feed their kids to safeguard their summer holiday.”

This is spectacular! What an insight into the psyche of the average British holidaymaker. I

digested this snippet of information momentarily and began to realise that actually this is why the UK travel sector will survive: in this world of turmoil and heartache we need something to live for, something to enjoy, something to ease the rough ride and, if two weeks on the Costa is your thing, you will do anything in your power to secure your seat on that plane.

This is what is great about us humans and, in my humble opinion, serves to explain why the UK travel industry will not suffer to the degree of other sectors as the recession unfolds. Yes, there will be challenges and, yes, we all have competitors. What’s new!

But how are we to survive all this madness? Marketing and product presence are the key. Travel businesses will need to focus their efforts sorting out internal efficiency, work hard to understand their customers, create (or hone) a competition-beating product offering and, most importantly, giving the customer what he wants…and, be assured, the customer wants holidays!

Travel companies should also look to implement (if they haven’t already) a well thought-out strategy of objectives to drive their business forward and a good start would be a visit to the Travel Technology Show 2009 at Earls Court in London on 10-11 February.

The Travel Technology Show was created to direct travel businesses toward using technology solutions designed to meet their individual needs.

TTS 2009 has an eclectic mix of education, suppliers and networking opportunities. Attending TTS should be a vital part of a travel business’s strategy implementation process.

The seminar programme is designed to give attendees tangible and applicable business information for instant use. The mix of exhibitors should serve to defy the madness that seems all apparent and equip its visitors with the knowledge and the means to survive it and the asylum!

Neil Simpson is event director for the Travel Technology Show

* Visit Travolution’s Travel Technology Show page

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