Aldi Travel leaps into strong position after launch

The official unveiling of Aldi Travel in the UK last week paid immediate dividends after it secured a place amongst the top 20 travel agencies on Hitwise within days of launch.

The fledgling site reached a heady 9th position on 8 January following an intensive PR offensive in the consumer press and mainstream broadcast media.

The site is being touted as the answer to holidaymakers who are nervous about the credit crunch and want a quick and cheap deal.

OHG chief executive Steve Endacott said:  “The timing of the launch of Aldi Travel could not have been better, as many consumers begin to shop around more for market leading prices from a brand they trust.

“Aldi via its 400+ UK stores provides the perfect outlet for the cost effective promotion of holidays via its bi-weekly Travel deals brochure to a target audience dominated by females, who we all know control the holiday purse strings.”

Aldi Travel is an online offshoot of the Aldi grocery and household retail brand and is operated in conjunction with the On Holiday Group.

Holidays are dynamically packaged with flights and transfers through OHG and full protected under the firm’s Supplier Failure Cover programme.

The launch coincides with the fortnightly push for special deals via the in-store Ali Travel brochure programme.

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