Center Parcs to run biggest ever online ad campaign

Center Parcs to run biggest ever online ad campaign

Center Parcs is launching its biggest online spend to date with a pay per click and online display campaign, through Golley Slater Digital.
The media strategy targets Center Parcs core audiences through a range of mainstream, life style and press websites.

“The online campaign is fully integrated with Search, TV and offline but will hold the main focus of spend and leads creative direction”, said John Kinder, managing director of Golley Slater Digital.

“This is a tailored data driven approach and is the largest online campaign by Center Parcs to date”, added Kinder. “It is a further shift in marketing spend to online and echoes the trust advertisers have in digital as a quantifiable source of revenue.”

The creative, also designed and developed by Golley Slater, targets Center Parcs key audiences.

“It demonstrates the large and diverse range of activities available at Center Parcs and the environment in which they are set, said Kinder.

“These key environments simultaneously match the separate creative routes, which in turn match key Center Parcs customer segments”, added Kinder.

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