Travolution Index

Latest Index Unit Value:


1.21% on previous trading day

Charts: (January-August 2009)

Daily winners and losers:

Best three gains:

Travelzest (4.35%)
Anite (3.95%)
Dart Group (3.92%)

Worst three falls:

Western & Oriental (-9.68%)
TUI Travel (-1.8%)
National Express Group (-0.44%) 

(Accurate to end of trading LSE 16.30 GMT, Friday 11 September 2009)


Unit value: 1778.93

* +1.21% day on day
* +9.96% week on week
* +15.33% month on month

The Travolution Index is calculated by aggregating the market capitalisation figures of 20 leading UK companies in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries listed on the London Stock Exchange.


* Travolution Index – first six months of 2009 (Travolution Blog – 9 July 2009)
* Travolution Index – a third of the year gone (Travolution Blog – 1 May 2009)
* Travolution Index – year on year falls – shocking (Travolution Blog – 20 Feb 2009)

Companies featured (detailed company information and links):

All Leisure Group
Avis Europe
British Airways
Daily Mail and General Trust
Dart Group
InterContinental Hotels Group
National Express Group
Park Plaza Hotels Limited
Peel Hotels
Stagecoach Group
Thomas Cook Group
TUI Travel
Western & Oriental

* Detailed company information and links

How does it work?

The Travolution Index is updated daily following the close of trading in London at 16.30 GMT and gives the industry an accurate picture of the travel sector’s overall performance on the London Stock Exchange.

The unit figure is created by using the following formula:

[Combined Mkt Caps of Companies in Index] / 20

Background information and links:

* Travolution Index of travel firms in the Square Mile launched [Travolution article]
* London Stock Exchange website
* Calculating market capitalisation figures [Wikipedia]
* Google Finance UK homepage

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