adds Google Maps, a popular travel review site, has announced the addition of new Google Map functionality, an advanced integration allowing several viewing options including satellite, hybrid and a 360 degree ground-level street perspective.

Now users planning a trip are able to virtually explore travel hot spots including New York City, San Francisco, Paris and Rome, and more importantly see exactly what the area around each hotel is like in advance of booking accommodations.

“When planning a trip it is essential to find a hotel in the best location possible,” said Niamh Ní Mhír, Chief Marketing Officer. “With enhanced features including high-quality graphics and drag-and-drop navigation, users are now more easily able to get a realistic perspective on an area before visiting. 

“The way boo’s hotel and places of interest product has been integrated around maps is unique and makes it easy to compare location and other important details. We encourage users to take advantage of the new mapping functionality as a helpful addition to trusted online reviews when researching a trip or comparing different locations.”

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