Dolphin Dynamics partners with Pancentric

Dolphin Dynamics has announced a strategic partnership with Pancentric, a full service digital agency, to deliver cutting edge emarketing services to travel agents and tour operators.

Following integration of Dolphin’s booking management module with Pancentric’s Enabler eMail marketing software, Dolphin users can now generate trackable email bulletins and promotions to prospects and clients.
The Dolphin and Enabler solution provides targeted, graphical email communications
The new end-to-end solution harnesses customer and market information residing in Dolphin’s booking management module.

Allowing Dolphin users to populate Enabler with selected data and then track marketing communications activity; from lead generation, through delivery, onto response and ultimately a travel sale.

Once data is imported from Dolphin the Enabler email marketing application provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for developing striking, branded email communications. As well as access to reports on email open-rates, clickthroughs and referrals.

Roberto Da Re, president at Dolphin, said: “In today’s challenging environment many travel businesses are looking for more effective ways to measure return on investment related to their marketing communications.

“Our partnership with Pancentric enables our customers to set their communications apart.

“Combining the power of Dolphin’s information management capabilities with a best-of-breed email marketing solution.”

More information:

* Dolphin Dynamics
* Pancentric

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