Breakwell quits Europe position for Expedia Inc board

Simon Breakwell, president of Expedia in Europe, Middle East and Africa, has resigned from his position and is expected to become the first European member of the Expedia Inc board.

The move is yet to be rubber-stamped by the Expedia board but the switch is part of what the company has called a “four-part realignment” of its senior management team in Europe.

Stepping in to fill Breakwell’s shoes will be Dermot Halpin, currently chief operating officer for EMEA, who will oversee all of the European Expedia businesses outside of the Partner Services Group, which focuses on “strategic relationships” with suppliers.

Expedia Inc chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi said: “Simon [Breakwell] has done an exceptional job building our European organization.

“Dermot is an exceptional leader and brilliant strategist who will continue our strong performance in Europe.

Elsewhere, Henrik Kjellberg, head of Expedia’s car, hotel and destination service supply group for Europe and Asia, is set to become senior vice president of international lodging and destination services.

Matthew Crummack, global business development director at Nestle UK, has joined also Expedia to become vice president of European airline and tour operator partner services.

Both Crummack and Kjellberg will report to Paul Brown, head of Expedia’s partner services group.

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