launches behaviour-led Giftfinder launches behaviour-led Giftfinder

Deciding what to buy difficult loved ones this Christmas no longer needs to be a nightmare as launches its first interactive giftfinder.

giftfinder uses a revolutionary system called VisualDNA to understand a user’s preferences and feelings by measuring their responses to a collection of specially selected images. It’s a really simple, unique and fun way to find great gift ideas.

Users are asked a series of image based questions and simply click on the images that they like. Their choices make up their VisualDNA which is then used to find the most appropriate Christmas presents.  The gift ideas are sent back and the user can then refine and save their search based on price, or how adventurous they want the gift to be.

giftfinder has three search options, one allowing the user to search for gift ideas for themselves, but also to find ideas for loved ones by completing it on their behalf or even better sending them the quiz to fill out but without revealing the results. Lifestyle Director Mark Bower said:  “Christmas Day can be the worst day of the year if you’ve bought your love ones the wrong Christmas present, or you receive something you really didn’t want.

“The’s giftfinder guarantees everyone a happy Christmas because they will only receive presents they really want.  It’s also a unique and fun way to shop for gifts and removes the stress of trying to avoid the crowds on the packed highstreets.

“This Christmas and New Year period, the only arguments will be over whether or not to watch the Queen’s speech.”

giftfinder’s VisualDNA technology, developed by Imagini, has so far collected the VisualDNA of over 10 million people.

Imagini Founder and CEO Alex Willcock says, “The partnership with giftfinder is going to let people discover gifts based on their feelings, which – as we all know – is the best way to pick find the perfect gift. The integration of the giftfinder will complement the ethos of offering users fun, exciting experiences.”

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