Virgin Atlantic plots social media strategy

Virgin Atlantic is planning to invest in a range of social media initiatives following its one-day V-JAM brainstorm session last week.

The airline held the event in conjunction with Nesta to create an environment for ideas on how social media can improve the flying experience.

Both the IT and e-commerce departments have budgets to invest in concepts if a business case can be made for them.

Among areas discussed on the day were enabling passengers with common interests to link up on flights, allowing passengers to update their status while on board through some sort of Twitter-style channel and how to enable flyers to build their itinerary via other means than the website.

Virgin Atlantic head of IT innovation Fergus Boyd said ideas would go through a ‘lite’ version of the normal process for developing new concepts.

Speaking at the session Allison Wightman, head of marketing systems for the airline, said: “We are really up for taking some of these ideas forward. The funding is there so I implore you to come forward.”

She later added that no fixed amount had been allocated because it could be a project of a large scale or a number of smaller concepts.

“Some of this is about validating what we doing already but without a doubt we will take stuff forward.”

More than 50 attended V-JAM including developers, bloggers, frequent flyers and members of Virgin Atlantic’s marketing and customer experience teams.

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