Virgin V-Jam Day

Virgin Atlantic held a one-day workshop on Friday 28 November 2008 for customers, web developers and social media experts to come together to share their insights and brainstorm news to improve the travel experience.

On this page you will find summaries from around the web, the Twitter Feed and photographs from the event.


* Travolution – Virgin Atlantic plots social media strategy
* Travolution – V-Jam move is interesting, but what will they do with it?
* Trailbeater – Virgin Atlantic V-Jam Event
* Travelling Online – Brainstorming on how web technology can improve flying
* Jeremy Head’s Travelblather – Should you brand social spaces?
* Jeremy Head’s Travelblather – V-JAM: Taking the debate further
* Musings on Travel Ecommerce – Virgin Atlantic V-Jam: did we learn anything?


* V-Jam group on Ning

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* Virgin Atlantic
* Nesta


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