My Week – Graham Sadler

Well, what a strange week! This is my first one since leaving my role as IT director for Holidaybreak’s camping division.

Reviewing and setting IT and e-commerce strategy has been replaced by setting up my own mobile phone account, deciding on major suppliers has been replaced by deciding between Sky or BT for my broadband, and my meetings have changed from the boardroom to the golf course.

It does seem strange to not be constantly online looking at performance of web sites, setting peoples objectives or looking for the next piece of technology that would make the web sites fly.

Although that has not stopped me surfing around looking at web sites to see what others are doing, that’s in the blood!

It’s not all relaxation, I am still running a Web Forum for Holidaybreak next week in London so work to be done on that in terms of organisation and presentations, but its a great team and its so good to see and hear the ideas that everyone has.

The meeting is made even better by the CEO Carl Michel attending who has an excellent understanding of the web world and keeps us on our toes!

Now this life might seem attractive to many people and I have to say its not bad at first. But once the list of jobs around the house starts to build up it does make you begin to think that getting back in to the IT and web world sooner rather than later is recommended.

One feature of not going in to work means that you can catch up on all those people in your network that you have not had time to see recently.

It appears I will be very busy in the coming months with meetings in Starbucks and Costas (with free wifi and coffee on tap, excellent!).

Its an interesting time for me now as I look for the next challenge in my travel career, one that spans 20 years in IT and e-commerce with TUI, Cendant and Holidaybreak.

If I have my way it will be still in travel, its a great industry with superb people and as for the web it certainly leads the way.

But before I do that I just have this par 3 to contend with. Oh sorry, did I not say this was sent from my Blackberry while waiting my turn on the 16th hole……. tough life!

Graham Sadler is former-IT director for Holidaybreak

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