Kayak unveils trio of new tools

Meta search site Kayak has unveiled new features across its global sites including sidestep.com.

The Kayak Collaboration Engine enables users to share flight search results with each other via a link provided on e-mail.

Kayak Europe and Asia managing director Faisal Galaria described the features, which went on global release yesterday, as a first for the industry.

“Rather than trying to imagine what the other person is looking at you can collaborate and look at the same flights in a really social way.”

Galaria said the plan was to bed the features down within kayak before considering other channels where it could work.

A second enhancement known as Buzz Calendar gives users, who have entered their flight details, a snapshot of what flights other people have searched for and found in the past few days.

Finally, Kayak Insight, kayak.co.uk/insight provides users with a map showing in real time what other people are searching for.

“It’s visually appealing and the idea is to feed the imagination.”

Galaria also said Kayak was in the process of ramping up its European sales force and that an announcement was imminent.

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