Hays develops new selling system

Hays Travel is planning to unveil its new in-house selling system at its annual conference in Marbella from 28 November.

The system enables agents to search across multiple flights, bedbanks and tour operators and package it all together.

The overall theme of the conference is ‘Winning in a Challenging Environment’, and the plan is for a practical, workshop-based event.

Managing director John Hays said: “In the past we have had entrepreneurial speakers talking about general business themes, but as we anticipate 2009 to be a really tough year we saw our role as doing as much as we can to help our Hays Travel Independence Group members.
“Our objective is for each member to take away from the conference at least two practical tips or things they can implement to make their businesses more efficient.”
There will also be sessions on new Hays Beds, the retailer’s accommodation arm unveiled in May as well as guidance on financial regulations on selling insurance to be introduced in January.

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