STA Travel in major rebranding programme

STA Travel, the global travel specialist for students and young adults, has unveiled plans to strengthen its position in its niche market by unveiling a new look and offering a broader product range, in addition to the free-spirited travel on which the company was originally based.

STA Travel managing director, John Constable, said the change was critical for the company to remain relevant and continue being a leader in a changing market.

“Our global research tells us that while some students and young adults find the concept of free-spirited travel romantic, the majority actually find the process of finding the right trip and making the travel arrangements stressful,” Constable said.

“The ideals on which travel businesses such as STA Travel were founded in the 1970s, like venturing into the unknown and independent rebellion, are less predominant today.

“STA Travel has recognised that in this over-structured world where free time is more highly prized than ever, many passionate travellers are craving shorter, more structured trips as well as experience-based holidays.

“For today’s students it’s not about getting lost, it’s about finding their way and adding something to their lives,” he said.

As a consequence, John Constable said that STA Travel is embarking on a brand refresh programme and, while the STA Travel name will stay the same, there will be changes in other areas.  These will include a new logo, new website, a new shop design as well as an enhanced product offering, to incorporate the needs of the changing market.

The programme is expected to be rolled out during 2009.

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