WTM08 – Zoover kicks off in the UK

The Benelux’s largest independent travel review website Zoover started its European expansion in the UK.

Largest in the Benelux

Zoover is the largest travel review website in the Benelux and features more than 710,000 independent reviews of 150,000 accommodations worldwide.

The demand for independent information about holiday destinations has grown explosively during the last years. In the Netherlands Zoover has more than 50 million visitors a year which makes it the market leader and most visited travel website in the Benelux.


One of the main priorities of Zoover is that it’s not a bookings website and therefore fully independent. Zoover operates by forging partnerships and co-operates with many international and local tour operators as a platform for informing their visitors of independent reviews.


Zoover is freely available to its partners, which means Zoover allows its partners free use of the syndicationmodel. Syndication is the most extended cooperation which means that reviews on the Zoover website can be placed on the website of its partners so their visitors benefit in several ways e.g by being able to immediately access 710.000 reviews and 150.000 accommodations.

Top 3

Zoover International started its activities in many European countries such as France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland.

“Last year we successfully launched Zoover in England without any marketing effort and we see substantial growth in the amount of visitors from month to month”, according to Bas Rasker CEO of Zoover International.

“The strategy for the UK is outlined in the following statement made by Stephan Bosman, COO of Zoover International: “Zoover presents a totally different model: no direct sales, open to our partners in the travel industry, free sharing of our content (syndication) and collecting reviews as well as advising our partners customers. In Europe we set up a model that has proved its worth with a leading position in a highly competitive tourism market.

“We act and think locally. Our aim is to be in the top 3 of holiday review websites in the UK and Zoover intends to eventually belong in the top 10 travel websites in the UK by e.g. developing local partnerships in the tourism industry.

New features

New Zoover features are added on the website in which visitors can upload or view pictures and videos of accommodations, check the location using a map as well as satellite imaging.

Soon Zoover will launch its Social Network called “MyZoover” a platform in which Zoover visitor can rate hotels, pick trips together and will benefit from co-operation with third parties. Zoover is also developing a Hotel owner module so hotel owners can manage their own data and respond to reviews made by Zoover members. Zoover spends a lot of time and money on innovation and will continue to do so.

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