WTM08 – Orbville.com launches a new cross market product

WTM08 – Orbville.com launches a new cross market product

For the first time ever there is a easy way to reach the Scandinavian travellers.

The new marketing solution is called Orbville Ads and will be launched on the 11th of November.

* Our new product is precise, easy to use and fits every budget, explains Michael Blaxland, chief executive of Orbville.com.

Orbville Ads will be launched at the travel convention World Travel Market in London.

With Orbville Ads a whole range of possibilities will open up in the Scandinavian market where Orbville.com, through it´s sister site Reseguiden.se, is the leading travel search engine.

* This is the best way to reach a specific target group with a specific message, Michael Blaxland, explains.

The new format is easy to administrate and is still flexible. The ads will only be exposed in connection with editorial content and search results, tagged on key words and destinations, at a fixed cost per click.

* Orbville Ads are designed with our 600 customers and their needs in mind, explains Michael Blaxland.

* This will be accomplished via our established network of media sites, our devoted members in our community and the thousands of daily visitors on our website.

More information:

* Orbville.com

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