NuWood launch Pangea travel software tool

NuWood Technologies are excited to announce the launch of their new sophisticated total travel management software product ‘Pangea’, available to the market from 1 November 2008.

A spokesperson at NuWood said: “From our experience, some software systems are function limited or are legacy systems and in order to move forward you need to purchase expensive upgrades which often don’t achieve the desired goals.

We have developed and refined this software over the last four years specifically for the travel industry to deliver an operational system covering all aspects of the front and back office travel process, package tours and FIT bookings. 

Pangea was delivered into The Titan Group of Companies in three phases commencing in October 2006 with Phase One – FIT and Phase Two – Business House.  Phase Three -Tours went live on 1st October 2008. 

The Titan Group recognised that their current system was not fulfilling their needs and once they had seen Pangea in action, opted for a complete replacement rather than costly upgrades or replacements previously available in the market.

They also recognised that their  initial investment would be offset by having a consistent business strategy throughout ensuring they operate more effectively and efficiently thus reducing their overheads and allowing them to increase production and profitability.

Pangea’s NTier architecture allows use both within a Head Office LAN and the Corporate WAN to support the branch network.  

Nuwood Technologies have taken great care to develop Pangea for the travel industry for today and tomorrow.  It is an innovative sophisticated software system that is completely user friendly and can be integrated into any organisation large or small with minimum disruption.

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