Skyscanner wants Number One spot by Christmas

Skyscanner wants Number One spot by Christmas

Skyscanner is aiming for the number one slot in flight search in the UK by the end of this year.

According to new commercial vice president Frank Skivington, the company is close to that now and has similar plans for Europe very quickly. Skyscanner already has about 20 foreign language sites.

“It’s about absolute comprehensiveness and that is about worldwide and having every available flight searchable.

“Where Skyscanner is different is that it’s not just the fairly restricted and structured airline booking system, it’s about the way people think about travel and letting them use search the way they want to.”

Skivington, who has been in the role for nine days, also confirmed a strategy to look at other areas of travel.

Earlier this week Skyscanner released the second in its series of ‘Skytool’ widgets it is developing for use on third party websites.

The WhoFlies widget enables users to search for who flies from their nearest airport to their destination. The company unveiled a cheap flights map tool at the beginning of the month.

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