Travel brands losing customers due to poor transaction process

Travel brands losing customers due to poor transaction process

Travel and leisure businesses are losing customers according to new research from branding consultancy Siegel+Gale.

The company measures how easy companies are to do business with and ranks them accordingly.

The research across 50 leading brands from all sectors revealed Thomas Cook at 24 and airlines, easyJet, British Airways and BMI at 27, 28 and 29 respectively.

Ryanair was the worst performing travel brand at 42 in the index.

The research found that almost 70% of consumers stopped doing business with a company or abandoned their purchase because a transaction was too difficult to complete.

Although the airline sector performed well, third in the Sector Index, it only scored 52 out of a total of 100. Car rental companies scored only 35 out of 100, the same as cable/satellite providers.

Fred Burt, managing director for Siegel+Gale UK, said: “Even the most well known travel and leisure brands still need to wake up to the simplicity concept or risk losing more valuable customers. In economically uncertain times, spending power weakens and consumers become more wary over how they spend their money.

“Overly complex businesses are vulnerable and those that will win have a simple customer promise, hassle free customer journey and clear communications.”

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