Cadogan Holidays launches Facebook page for agents

Cadogan Holidays launches Facebook page for agents

Cadogan Holidays’ official Facebook page was launched on 25 September in order to encourage contact and discussion among agents.

Cadogan Holidays has recognised the benefits of tapping into the social networking site, creating an opportunity to raise the company’s profile amongst key partners and create a community for travel professionals where they are able to comment on the industry, keep updated with Cadogan product news, and of course, stay in touch with each other after attending educational trips.

As well as posting news of new product, brochures, destination updates, special offers and opening up opportunities for debate on travel related events and topics, Cadogan will be uploading photography from all fam trips and awards ceremonies, allowing agents to share experiences and keep in the loop with everything Cadogan.

Jon Gardner, sales manager at Cadogan Holidays, said: “We get a lot of feedback on the road that agents want to keep in touch after educationals and training sessions and with the launch of the Facebook page we can finally encourage agents to talk to each other; we’re providing the opportunity for them to reminisce on their trips, as well as swap sales tips and general travel news.

“Essentially, we’re bringing together groups of likeminded people who are open to having day to day conversations and feel it’s important to use the medium of the day to become involved in these discussions.”

Cadogan’s Facebook page will support and complement the company’s other marketing channels whilst providing a platform for partners to engage in discussion and comment.

Facebook members are growing in numbers and spend an increasing amount of time logged onto the site. With this new page, Cadogan aims to facilitate information and resources and hopes that agents will appreciate the added value of becoming a Cadogan fan.

Members are fast signing up to the Cadogan “fan” base and include Cadogan employees, travel agents and business partners from across the UK.

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