Comtec signs Sabre developer agreement for Travelgateway

Comtec signs Sabre developer agreement for Travelgateway

Leisure travel technology leader Comtec has today announced the integration of the Sabre API into the Comtec Travelgateway.

This means Comtec’s travel agent and tour operator clients will have direct access to Sabre Air inside Travelink and Travelconnect for the first time.

The initial integration, which uses the latest Sabre API and web service technologies, will provide access to published and CAT35 fares through Sabre.

The Travelgateway can also merge Sabre content with other content already present in the system – including net fares, charter and carriers that don’t yet participate in a GDS – providing agents and operators with comprehensive flight choices and fares.

Comtec’s customers will also be able to choose how to package Sabre’s fares in order to maximise sales.

Fares can be offered standalone, as part of a pre-built tour or package, as a dynamically packaged or tailor-made holiday, whichever best suits an individual agent or operator.

“This is a significant integration for us,” said Humphrey Sheil, Comtec’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Sabre is a strong player in the GDS market, with broad global reach especially in North America, and integrating it with our Gateway ensures we will have an even stronger offering in our roll out across Europe, US and Canada.

“We have worked closely with Sabre to ensure that there is a seamless link between the systems, ensuring all our clients benefit from the best access and most flexible pricing and fares possible.”

“This collaboration with Comtec ensures that Sabre customers continue to have access to leading edge products and services that complement Sabre solutions, while also recognizing the value Sabre provides to leisure travel tour operators and travel agents,” said Geoffrey Breeze , vice president, EMEA Brand Marketing & Strategy .

“This agreement is part of Sabre’s commitment to advancing the leisure travel industry for all our joint customers.”

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