Dolphin rolls out STA Travel Germany technology

Dolphin rolls out STA Travel Germany technology

Dolphin Dynamics has commenced a rollout of its booking management software with STA Travel in Germany.

The introduction of Dolphin into the German market means Dolphin is now used by travel agents and tour operators in over 20 countries across Europe, North America, Australasia and Africa.

Having already been successfully deployed throughout STA Travel’s UK, US, Australian and New Zealand divisions, Dolphin is currently being rolled out to 32 STA Travel retail branches, call centre and wholesale businesses in Germany.

As part of this project, several product enhancements have been completed to meet local market needs.

These include interfaces with the Hitchiker Fares database and the TOMA system which provides access to German tour operators, as well as localisation of payment and documentation processes.  Dolphin will be rolled out to STA Travel’s Austrian and Swiss branches in 2009.

Roberto Da Re, president at Dolphin Dynamics, said: “Our successful entry into over 20 international markets over the years highlights the adaptability of Dolphin systems.

“Our powerful, modular, core booking management module has been designed so that it can be efficiently localised. This is of great benefit to companies like STA Travel that operate in multiple international markets.”

The rollout of Dolphin in Germany commenced in September and is due to be completed by early December 2008.

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