Skyscanner partners with Netvibes for Cheap Flights Widget launch

Skyscanner partners with Netvibes for Cheap Flights Widget launch has partnered with Netvibes, the leading widget and personalized startpage platform, to launch their new Cheap Flights Widget.

The new Skyscanner Cheap Flights Widget is an interactive Flash map that users can add to their personal pages and desktops including: Netvibes, iGoogle, WordPress, Bloglines, Opera, Windows Vista and Mac OS X.

The Widget allows users to browse a world map, select flight routes between different cities and then get a flight price quote from Skyscanner.

Jules Pancholi, vice president commercial for Skyscanner, said: “We are delighted with the uptake and performance of the widget so far and are very happy to be working with Netvibes supporting their Sponsored Placement Program launch in the UK.

“Our viral widget strategy is a core part of Skyscanner’s exciting growth plan and creating widgets that can be integrated on our customer’s desktops and personal pages is a great way to help people save money and keep travelling in these turbulent times.”

Freddy Mini, chief executive of Netvibes, added: “The new Skyscanner Cheap Flights Widget makes wonderful use of the Netvibes Universal Widget API and we’re pleased to have them using our technology.

“The fact that a great brand like Skyscanner has decided to distribute their widget through our Sponsored Placement Program in the UK validates the continued success and growth of our widget distribution platform throughout the world”.

The Cheap Flights Widget is being launched alongside the Skyscanner Maps Tool API that has been designed in response to demand for Skyscanner integration products from travel industry websites, including airports, hotels, resorts and tourism organisations.

The Maps Tool API allows third party websites to easily embed Skyscanner flight information on their own sites, enhancing usability by allowing visitors to quickly find cheap flights for their travels.

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