HotelConnect anticipates 40% increase in paid search revenue following agency switch

HotelConnect anticipates 40% increase in paid search revenue following agency switch

Hotel specialist HotelConnect has taken on search specialist Jellyfish to carry out its paid search marketing activity.

HotelConnect is aiming to get a better return on its online marketing spend through improved website usability and the creation of relevant landing pages designed to deal with generic search terms.

The company decided to appoint Jellyfish because of the increased competition in the cost-per-click space and rising CPC inflation.

Commercial manager Ian Ackland said: “Rising CPCs mean that a new approach to paid search is needed, and we are confident that Jellyfish will quickly integrate into our business, build effective landing pages, implement new tests and react to more generic terms.”

Ackland added that although conversions are increasing CPC inflation is hindering the volume of traffic businesses are able to go for, resulting in lower traffic overall to the site.

While high volumes are still feasible with generic-terms, cost efficiency is decreasing, resulting in the reduction of overall profitability of paid search by approximately 50%.

Ackland said: “Working with Jellyfish we will have improved landing pages built for generic search terms, which engage the customer, communicate our personal brand and deliver optimum usability. This agreement will also allow us to find new space in the CPC landscape, which is crucial to the continued success of paid search.”

HotelConnect are expecting the initiative to deliver a 40% increase in revenue attributable to paid search.

The agreement with Jellyfish is in place for at least a year and the agency replaces The Search Works.

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