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In 2006, leading longhaul specialist Kuoni Travel, with over 100 years of experience in tailor making holidays, was visionary in looking to maximize from the online video revolution and to promote their portfolio of inspirational, hand-picked holidays.

Online bookings were soaring and even more so when supported with video online – the latest must-have in travel promotion. Kuoni were keen to be one of the leaders in online conversions whilst giving their customers high quality, engaging videos and the real look before you book experience and teamed up with Exposure4 to take on the task.

Goals and Challenges

Kuoni’s goal was to achieve over 500 quality videos of their top hotels and destinations around the world in as short a time span as possible. The ultimate goal is to enhance viewer experience and increase online booking conversions.

Exposure4 a video production company specialising in travel and leisure filming and video hosting were appointed the task of filming hotels, destinations and tours in over 30 countries across 5 continents. All were to be produced for online distribution speedily, efficiently and cost effectively whilst maintaining the traditional Kuoni quality and style.

The Exposure4 team of film crew and editors mapped out the schedule with Kuoni. Within 24 months, we were already looking at 90,000 minutes of travel footage and some breathtaking moments captured along the way in The Story of Kuoni.


A succinct and engaging video was essential. Long enough to promote the product to the max, but short and powerful enough to retain viewer attention throughout! As well as looking good, the videos had to present a realistic and engaging view of the hotel or destination and also respect the style desired by both the hotel and format of flow for Kuoni.


Kuoni provided a set of specifications, leaving the creative control with Exposure4.  Their team of self shooting directors enjoyed the challenge of making hotels look different, emphasising individual attributes and nuances to hotels, resorts and destinations, whilst maintaining the Kuoni template and quality!

Technical Creativity

The crew had to be aware of reducing fast camera movements to avoid the ‘jarring’ effect only seen on web videos. The ONE SHOT Essence of short web videos also meant that crew had to bring home many scenes that captured the complete essence of a product in minimal shots. 

Professional delivery

A careful scripting process to deliver an informative and also exciting voice-over was integral, delivered with zest and passion by Exposure4’s bank of professional readers.

Cost conscious

With over 20 years in the travel industry Exposure4 appreciate budget restrictions that do not compromise quality and use  fully trained and travel savvy crew. Plus the latest lightweight advanced HD cameras Exposure4 reduce the number of crew required to film.

Exposure4 employs skilled self-shooting directors to perform many of their video shoots. By carefully recruiting and training multi talented individuals with travel experience, Exposure4 are able to provide cost effective productions compared to traditional ‘fat cat‘ film crews. The days of multiple crews and an overweight trunk of technical toys are all but gone.


Time is always money, and video is only of value when live online. The Kuoni project required multiple shoots in numerous locations across the globe to operate simultaneously. Up to 4 crew were travelling at any one time. Kuoni could be confident that the Exposure4 camera crew understood the product and destination to be filmed.

Post Production & Technology

Meanwhile a bank of Exposure4 editors were working on the last rushes shipped in – all co-ordinated via the specially designed Onvos post production technology. Onvo allows all permitted parties to view edits online instantly.

Through its editor amends system multiple reviewers can comment on the draft edits using the time-code generator to label exactly what they want to change. All comments are logged and distributed via a central database server system informing all relevant parties instantaneously. Hoteliers verify the accuracy of what was depicted all from the click of a button. Onvos also empowers owners of videos to take control of their own distribution, via its media mailer system.

Onvos replaced the need for costly and time consuming DVD postage or copious e-mails and chasers, as well as ugly raw links and ftp login systems. Onvos operates a database management system and embedded video player codes, for even the less technical users to just click and go, saving £10,000’s in operational costs, time and money.


Kuoni now boasts one of the largest and most impressive selection of quality videos of their programme on their award winning website. Matt Rooke e-business director saw this as a clear investment which has undoubtedly paid dividends and has steered this exciting project through to the impressive display that we see today on the Kuoni website.

The Kuoni filming project has delivered a streamlined, robust and successful system that allows fast, cost conscious and desirable videos to be produced by Exposure4 – a moving experience.

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