Cartrawler unseats Holiday Autos for Sterling contract

Cartrawler unseats Holiday Autos for Sterling contract

Car rental distribution specialist CarTrawler has signed a three-year agreement with Denmark-based Sterling Airlines.

The deal starts this week with the launch of Sterling’s new website and sees CarTrawler offer its multi-supplier distribution platform to the Scandinavian airline.

CarTrawler replaces Holiday Autos who has worked with the airline for the past seven years.

According to Sterling, CarTrawler has been selected because of the depth and breadth of car rental options it offers.

“Our new partner offers a lot more options for customers wanting to rent a car,” said Sterling’s commercial director Michael T Hansen.

Cartrawler chief executive Greg Turley described the deal as a “sweet victory”.

“Not only are we working with a key low cost airline in Scandinavia, and one which we know we can deliver real revenues to, but it seems we were the clear choice specifically because of the way we have build and developed our business to match the needs and requirements of today’s travel providers,” he added.

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