Doors open on new Travolution website

Welcome to the new Travolution website

Think of this site not only as the best place to find all editorial produced by the Travolution – including regular news, research, analysis and opinion– but as a gateway to other relevant content elsewhere on the internet.

We have created a website that allows you to access our own material in a far easier way and, in a revolutionary move for a travel media brand, we have given you the power to customise the homepage so you can drop in your own favourite RSS feeds from across the web.

The Travolution website is your portal for media coverage of the world of online travel found anywhere on the internet.

The homepage is split into three parts: the two right hand columns feature content we have selected which is relevant to you and your business, while the left-hand column can be completely personalised.

We have not placed any restriction on the type of RSS feeds available to users if you wish to personalise the left-hand column o the homepage. If you wish to include a feed from Travelmole, for example, you can do it here.

There are only a few easy steps to take:


1) Click on the Edit button in the top right-hand corner on any box on the left of the homepage.

2) Choose a Title for your feed.

3) Add the RSS URL into the Feed field.

4) Select the Number of Items you wish the feed to display.

5) Decide on the View format: Headline Only, Summary (first sentence of feed) or Thumbnail (summary and picture).

If you want to return the homepage to its original settings – displaying the feeds created by us – simply click on the Customise Your Homepage button in the top navigation and select Reset Homepage.

The Travolution Job Board has also launched at the same time as our new website. Hosted on a dedicated part within the site – at– the job board includes positions throughout the online travel industry as well as a number of senior posts elsewhere in sector.

In addition to the new design, we have included a comment section at the bottom of every article – a place where you can add your feedback against any story and continue the conversation. You can also distribute any of our content via the Share This button, allowing you post automatically to Digg, Facebook, Reddit, and your email contacts.

Finally, we have also for the first time placed the Travolution Blog in the same area as our other online content, ending almost three years on the Blogger platform.

You can access the Blog via the horizontal navigation bar at the top of this page or directly at

Please remember to adjust your existing RSS feeds from the old Travolution Blog to the new feed [] here on the new Travolution website.

NB: All content on the Travolution Blog on the old platform was moved to the new platform prior to launch, including outbound links and images.

You can also take a new RSS feed of our News section – including individual topic areas such as Portals, Suppliers, Tour Operators etc – as well as the In-Depth channel.

For more information about feeds, visit the RSS Section of the website for more information.

We want your feedback, as always, so please get in touch via email with any suggestions you have to improve our service.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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