Tourism Flanders builds web personalisation tool

Tourism Flanders builds web personalisation tool

Press release – 25 September 2008 – Tourism Flanders

To encourage its visitors to share their travel experiences, Tourism Flanders-Brussels has introduced “My Flanders”, a new interactive tool on its website.

Visitors can now post and share their own holiday experiences, photos and videos on by first registering for a personal log in and password.

Visitors to the site are actively encouraged to write articles about their favourite Flemish cities and are invited to post their comments on a variety of subject matters.

Topics included are shopping, accommodation, bars, restaurants, galleries, museums and travellers’ tips too. As well as posting opinions and reviews.

“We wanted to give past visitors an opportunity to let us know what they loved about Flanders and any hidden gems that were perhaps not in the guide book,” said Dawn Page, Director Tourism Flanders-Brussels.

“We also asked our team in the office and friends and family to start the ball rolling.”

It is hoped that the addition to the website will assist future visitors with planning a trip to the region.

Reading the reviews offered by other tourists gives invaluable advice from a first hand viewpoint. Its introduction brings a powerful approach to communications and the sharing of information for Tourism Flanders-Brussels.

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