WAYN offers lite version of community through widget

WAYN.com has developed a widget enabling third parties to gain access to the social networking site’s 13.5 million-strong community. 

Selected travel companies can add the widget to their own websites with little integration necessary and offer own-branded versions of WAYN’s online global membership.

The widget enables third parties to deliver location-based search results so that users can see who is where, research locations, explore profiles, view photos, trips and reviews, all based on destination. 

Through the widget WAYN is hoping to provide websites with access to an interactive community, without having to build an application themselves.

The social network specialist believes the technology will help retailers such as flight specialists and hotel sites increase stickiness on their sites, drive up conversions and create post booking activity. 

WAYN users spend 16 minutes on site per visit, return twice per month, and view approximately 30 pages per session. The standard e-commerce transactional site would receive around five page views per user and fewer repeat visits from consumers. 

Matt Jerwood, WAYN’s director of business development said: “We have the largest location-based social networking community in the world. Users log their trips, share experiences, find out who’s coming to their town, and meet new friends in far flung destinations they’re about to visit. By offering white-labelling services we’re giving other forms of e-business the opportunity to gain from the strengths of social networking through the use of an add-on. 

“We want to initiate partnerships which result in engagement on non-community sites and non-traditional distribution of the WAYN.com community via innovative and open minded companies.”

Alongside the widget WAYN announced the development of a full API version of its service earlier this week.

Both the widget and white label API were unveiled at the e-Business Academy in Lillehammer, Norway.

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