creates hotel search system for partners is developing a hotel search facility offering a mixture of properties from general sites as well as specialists.

The online destination specialist plans to work with companies such as Expedia, Venere and Mr and Mrs Smith on content as well as approach chains and individual properties for special deals.

Hotels will be matched to destinations in the same way that tour operator packages and tours currently are on the site.

Worldreviewer also plans to feature a list of special properties compiled by experts.

The hotel search facility comes on the heels of the company’s ‘adnet for travel’ tool enabling advertisers to put their packages and tours on other relevant websites.

The technology, which is being trialled on three websites, works similarly to Google Adsense and in time advertisements for hotel packages could also be made available to other websites.

Third party travel sites can choose targeted advertisements such as specific destinations or tour operators. 

Worldreviewer managing director James Dunford Wood said the plan was to increase the number of third party travel websites testing the technology to five in the next few weeks.

“We want to see what the click through rate is and how much traffic can be generated and then go back to tour operators.”

Dunford Wood also hinted that future plans for the service could include selling “travel stuff” through the site such as the most sought after souvenirs from each destination.

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